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Check Out the New Chevrolet Equinox Today!

The Chevrolet Equinox may be considered a compact sport-utility vehicle, but that doesn’t mean that it’s lacking anything when it comes to style, convenience and comfort. Keep reading to find out why the Equinox is a leader in the compact SUV category, and keep Paso Robles Chevrolet in mind when you’re ready to take one out for your own personal road test.

The Equinox comes in an array of traditional and metallic hues that’s sure to include a color scheme that appeals to you. The thoughtfully constructed interior can seat up to five adults comfortably, and the rear cargo area offers almost 64 cubic feet of space for all of your work and personal gear.

Safety also takes a front seat in the Equinox. Available features include a front-end collision avoidance system with automatic braking and an early warning alert that activates if the vehicle inadvertently strays from the lane of travel.

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