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Chevrolet Cruze retains its title as one of the most popular compacts on the market, thanks to intelligent styling and teen driving tech that’s ahead of the trends. We here at Paso Robles Chevrolet can’t stop talking about the new suite of features, such as the two mentioned below.

Limits on Speed and Audio Levels

Now you can keep your teens from driving too fast or blaring metal as they do. Teen Driver Technology entails parental controls that let you set safe limits on driving speeds and audio levels. An additional Seat Belt Mute feature mutes all loud music whenever new passengers board and keeps music muted until passengers properly buckle up.

Access Easy Driving Report Cards

Teen Driver report cards give you a comprehensive snapshot of your teen’s driving habits on the highway and the roads in Paso Robles. At the touch of a button, see the speeds your teen drives at. See any overspeed warnings they received as well as collision alerts and total distance driven.

Explore this and all other Chevrolet Cruze tech features today with a quick, fun test drive. See each feature in action and find answers to your unique questions about this thrilling new tech suite.

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