August 5th, 2019 by

Compact SUVs are currently highly in demand. Chevy Trax brings a very affordable option for anyone in the market to have plenty of cabinet space, features, and have SUV perks without the gas mileage. Very affordable pricing.

The Chevrolet Trax comes available in All Wheel Drive, no more getting stuck in the mud or snow. Cruise control and other options are right on the steering wheel so no risks of distracted driving. The ability to be 100% hands-free when on the phone is at your fingertips on the steering wheel as well. There are many add on features such as boss sound. Always nice to have a great stereo system. You can get it with a sunroof, backup cameras, and many other add one in order to make it yours.

Adding a Chevrolet Trax to your bucket list of affordable vehicles to test drive. This is a fun size suv with plenty of cargo space.

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