November 17th, 2020 by

Large SUVs can be quite the vehicle to drive while you are exploring new places outside of Paso Robles or driving in a familiar setting. The Chevrolet Suburban is a popular vehicle for many reasons. Technology is one of them.

Those of us at Paso Robles Chevrolet understand the critical role technology plays in your vehicle. Whether it be safety technology or technology meant to entertain you and your passengers, the Suburban has something to excite you.

The Suburban is a large SUV. This means that backing out of a tight spot can be a challenge. The standard rearview camera that comes in the Suburban makes this feat easily attainable.

Infotainment is important no matter how strenuous your drive is. The Suburban comes standard with an eight-inch touchscreen and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. These features make it easy for you to connect your smartphone to use all your favorite apps safely.

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