February 23rd, 2021 by

When you step inside the Chevrolet Equinox from Paso Robles Chevrolet, you will be treated to a well-designed interior that will delight your senses. Another aspect that you’ll quickly pick up on is the ergonomic excellence of this exceptional vehicle. With everything you need intuitively laid out, your drives around Paso Robles will be much more enjoyable.

The touchscreen in the Equinox is large, at up to eight inches, and is angled in such a way as to reduce glare and make it easy to access without leaning forward. This ensures that you can access navigation, weather reports, and so much more in a safe and efficient manner. The touchscreen is surrounded by luxurious soft-touch surfaces that are available in multiple colors to perfectly match the rest of your Equinox. With rounded corners surrounding the information cluster and other key interior components, the Equinox provides a relaxing design that feels like an escape from the stresses of ordinary life.

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