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Embarking on back road adventures remains a popular pastime for many. Before novices attempt to join in on the fun, they are wise to learn a few tips and tricks. Being informed prevents potential disasters that might ruin the day’s thrill.

Find an online forum frequented by off-road enthusiasts to learn about popular back road locations and tips offered by off-roading enthusiasts. Consider attending an off-road club meeting. Many organizations provide the chance for beginners to engage in the sport under the supervision of an experienced driver.

Some clubs are vehicle specific. Search for off-road clubs who welcome individuals having the same type of 4×4 vehicles. Various organizations often provide training schools, private lessons, trail runs and Jamborees. Learn what modifications might be necessary before tackling the trails. When needing any type of mechanical upgrade, consult with one of our Paso Robles Chevrolet technicians. We have the parts needed to enjoy the trails.

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