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Wireless Technology in the Chevrolet Suburban
These days, having the ability to connect to the internet is a must-have. The Chevrolet Suburban is a popular large SUV that’s available at Paso Robles Chevrolet. It can be equipped with wireless equipment. Your entire family will be able to stay connected on the go.
The available wireless modem is built into the cabin. With an appropriate wireless data plan, the modem can connect to cellular networks. It uses 4G LTE technology to create a fast Wi-Fi network. Multiple devices can be connected at once. Your passengers will be able to stream music, watch videos, and browse the web wherever there’s a cellular signal.
Chevrolet also makes it easy to keep all of your devices charged. The Suburban is available with up to 14 charging ports. You can find traditional USB charging ports in the front and rear. You can even get standard electrical outlets. They make it easy to connect tailgating gear, lights, and anything else you need.

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